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Measuring Technology

In the field of measurement and system engineering CETTO provides instruments with highly sensitive crystal scintillation detectors for the detection of concealed radiation. Since 1992 we continue to develop our measuring systems and optimize them with the latest technological and electronic advances. Radioactive sources are used in various industrial and medical applications. If such emitters reach the recycling loop or be melted in steel production through improper or even criminal disposal, catastrophic damage can occur. To minimize this potential threat to the employees, the environment and the population, radiation measuring systems are used in various measuring points in the process of steel production and waste disposal.

CETTO develops its measuring equipment according to prescribed standards for radioactivity measuring systems.

CETTO offers both fixed and mobile measuring systems in its portfolio. The systems are modular and can be specified for various applications.

Through continuous development CETTO guarantees that the measurement systems are on the current state of technology.

CETTO provides the customers with customized solutions to their individual circumstances and advises them on site about the measurement systems.

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Stationary and fully automatic portal monitoring gates for lorries and railway allow a dynamic measurement of all incoming and outgoing materials. In case of alarm the located radiating emitter can be identified by a nuclide specific spectrum analysis.

  • Up to 12 detectors can be connected
  • Logging of all measuring results and keyboard and pushbutton operations
  • High measuring sensitive crystal detectors to determine the “Radioactive fingerprint”
  • Differentiation and classification of various radioactive nuclides (e.g. Am-241, Cs-137, Co-60)

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ConRaD Dust, ConRaD Slag, ConRaD Fume, ConRaD ShredScan

Radioactive contaminated dust, slag and fumes are extremely dangerous if they enter the human organism. Since the human body has no sensory organs that can detect radioactivity, radioactivity measuring systems are used to detect contaminated materials and to trigger a corresponding alarm. An example is Cesium-137. This radioactive nuclide can also be detected in the dust after the melting process.

  • Fully automatic measuring of conveyors, silos and exhaust systems
  • Use of high-resolution crystal detectors
  • Connection of the detectors on the local corporate network (virtual evaluation unit)

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ConRaD GrabScan

The mobile version can be installed under each grab types and provides maximum protection against hidden radioactivity in materials to be recycled. The mobile measuring devices of CETTO AG offer the same comfort, user friendliness and features as by the stationary measuring systems.

  • Logging of all measuring results and key operations without additional module
  • Highly sensitive crystal detectors to determine the “Radioactive fingerprint”.
  • Distinction, identification and naming of various radioactive nuclides (e.g., Am-241, Cs-137, Co-60, Ra-226, Th-232).
  • Specially designed strong housing made ​​of highly wear-resistant steel to protect the detector.

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ConRaD MAG (Magnet)

An additional measurement of small quantities of material when unloading is necessary to increase the reliability of the detection, and thus the safety in steel mills and recycling plants. Companies that use magnet cranes for unloading of vehicles or vessels can equip them with the CETTO Radioactivity Measuring System ConRaD MAG.
The patented measuring system has been developed for the challenging use in heavily loaded lifting magnets. It provides customers with a high level of safety during loading of steel scrap.

  • High-resolution crystal scintillation detector with specially developed electronics.
  • patented design for use in very high magnetic fields.
  • Fully automatic measurement, no operator required.

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ConRaD Protable

The special feature of the portable measuring device ConRaD is the use of the identical crystal detector as in the stationary ConRaD detection systems. The crystal detector is connected to a fully portable evaluation unit.
The unique concept of using a stationary detector as a portable unit leads to a portable instrument with the same measuring capacity as that of a stationary ConRaD system.
The optional integration of a portable detector in a stationary ConRaD radioactivity measuring system offers, in case of an alarm, the possibility to localize the contamination following a high-efficient manual scanning, and to move it to a secure location.

  • Portable crystal scintillation detectors available in different sizes.
  • Compact evaluation unit with the comfort of a stationary measuring system.

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ConRaD SampleScan

In steel plants there is always the danger of radioactive contaminated scrap being melted. The origins of these materials are partially decommissioned nuclear facilities and radioactive sources used in industry and medical facilities that are accidentally thrown away and melted down. Therefore, during steel production samples are taken from the production process and evaluated for radioactive impurities.

With the CETTO steel-sample measuring system it can be checked whether these samples are radioactively contaminated and whether a set limit is exceeded. A thick lead chamber enables the shielding of the natural background radiation so that even the smallest activities can precisely be determined (for example, 0.1 Bq / g for Co-60).

The system is available in two versions:

  • Manual:
    In the manual mode, the steel samples are loaded by the operater. Measurement of samples after the melting process.
  • Automatic:
    Measurement of samples after the melting process where the samples are handled by a robot in the lab control system. Here is no operator intervention required. The measurement is fully automatic and the result is automatically transmitted to the control system.

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In many companies, different systems are used for measuring radioactivity (for example, truck-measurement systems at the entry points, grab measuring systems for loading and unloading, …). The CETTO I-server offers the possibility of monitoring all the measurement systems with all the details comfortably from a central location. The system informs you of every process on the radioactivity measurement systems installed in your company. Whether alarm or fault, you are always informed so that you can act without delay. Thus, no important information is lost in the daily routine.

Riva Acciaio S.p.A., Cronimet, DEUMU Deutsche Erz- und Metall-Union GmbH


CETTO AG is not only a manufacturer of measuring equipment to detect hidden radioactivity, but we consider ourselves as partners of the customer company.

Besides the delivery of our measuring equipment we offer a wide range of services in the field of measurement technology. In the event of an alarm it is important to remain calm. CETTO provides you with consultancy and upon request establishes contact with independent experts and disposal companies.

CETTO creates for you alarm plans in consultation with the competent authorities.

Staff training will take place during commissioning and maintenance of each site. Furthermore, our technical team can be reached by phone who can help you with online intervention. Our team offers you support in dealing with alarms and faults. Service begins after commissioning and CETTO is available here as a competent partner.

Further services of CETTO AG in the field of radioactivity measurement

  • On-site consulting and planning
  • Installation and commissioning of measuring equipment
  • Maintenance of measuring equipment with maintenance record
  • Repairs on-site and at CETTO
  • Employee training (also possible as a one day seminar at CETTO)
  • Free Online Support
  • Assistance in case of alarm
  • Establish contact with authorities and waste management companies
  • Create after-the-alarm plans
  • Free after-sales support

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