seit 1922 made in Germany



Our measuring systems fulfill the essential parts of

  • DIN ISO 22188 ” Monitoring of accidental or illicit transport of radioactive materials”
  • DIN EN 62022 “Fixed monitors for the monitoring and detection of gamma-ray emitters transported by vehicles, non-recyclable or reusable materials”
  • DIN IEC 62484 ” Radiation protection instrumentation – Portal monitors based on spectroscopy for the detection and identification of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials”
  • DIN ISO 11929  “Determination of the characteristic limits (detection threshold, detection limit and limits of the confidence interval) for measurements of ionizing radiation”
  • DIN IEC 62244 “Fixed radiation monitors for the detection of radioactive and nuclear materials at national borders”
  • DIN IEC 62533 “Radiation protection instrumentation – Highly sensitive hand-held devices for the detection of radioactive material emitting photon radiation”
  • N 42.38 American National Standard Performance Criteria for Spectroscopy-Based Portal Monitors Used for Homeland Security
  • N 42.35 American National Standard for Evaluation and Performance of Radiation Detection Portal Monitors for Use in Homeland Security
  • IAEA Minimum Requirements for Fixed-Installed Monitoring Systems at Border Crossings
  • UNECE Recommendations on Monitoring and Response Procedures for Radioactive Scrap Metal

In addition, our instruments meet the specific requirements, stipulated by individual national laws, to be met by radiation measuring devices.

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