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Measuring Technology

In the field of measurement and system engineering CETTO provides instruments with highly sensitive crystal scintillation detectors for the detection of concealed radiation. Since 1992 we continue to develop our measuring systems and optimize them with the latest technological and electronic advances. Radioactive sources are used in various industrial and medical applications. If such emitters reach the recycling loop or be melted in steel production through improper or even criminal disposal, catastrophic damage can occur. To minimize this potential threat to the employees, the environment and the population, radiation measuring systems are used in various measuring points in the process of steel production and waste disposal.

CETTO develops its measuring equipment according to prescribed standards for radioactivity measuring systems.

CETTO offers both fixed and mobile measuring systems in its portfolio. The systems are modular and can be specified for various applications.

Through continuous development CETTO guarantees that the measurement systems are on the current state of technology.

CETTO provides the customers with customized solutions to their individual circumstances and advises them on site about the measurement systems.

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