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ConRaD SampleScan

In steel plants there is always the danger of radioactive contaminated scrap being melted. The origins of these materials are partially decommissioned nuclear facilities and radioactive sources used in industry and medical facilities that are accidentally thrown away and melted down. Therefore, during steel production samples are taken from the production process and evaluated for radioactive impurities.

With the CETTO steel-sample measuring system it can be checked whether these samples are radioactively contaminated and whether a set limit is exceeded. A thick lead chamber enables the shielding of the natural background radiation so that even the smallest activities can precisely be determined (for example, 0.1 Bq / g for Co-60).

The system is available in two versions:

  • Manual:
    In the manual mode, the steel samples are loaded by the operater. Measurement of samples after the melting process.
  • Automatic:
    Measurement of samples after the melting process where the samples are handled by a robot in the lab control system. Here is no operator intervention required. The measurement is fully automatic and the result is automatically transmitted to the control system.

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