seit 1922 made in Germany


CETTO AG is not only a manufacturer of measuring equipment to detect hidden radioactivity, but we consider ourselves as partners of the customer company.

Besides the delivery of our measuring equipment we offer a wide range of services in the field of measurement technology. In the event of an alarm it is important to remain calm. CETTO provides you with consultancy and upon request establishes contact with independent experts and disposal companies.

CETTO creates for you alarm plans in consultation with the competent authorities.

Staff training will take place during commissioning and maintenance of each site. Furthermore, our technical team can be reached by phone who can help you with online intervention. Our team offers you support in dealing with alarms and faults. Service begins after commissioning and CETTO is available here as a competent partner.

Further services of CETTO AG in the field of radioactivity measurement

  • On-site consulting and planning
  • Installation and commissioning of measuring equipment
  • Maintenance of measuring equipment with maintenance record
  • Repairs on-site and at CETTO
  • Employee training (also possible as a one day seminar at CETTO)
  • Free Online Support
  • Assistance in case of alarm
  • Establish contact with authorities and waste management companies
  • Create after-the-alarm plans
  • Free after-sales support
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